The White Bow

by Timothy Kieswetter

Baie goeie artikel deur my vrou.

I go to William Frantz Elementary school. Or I did. Before Ruby Bridges came.

My name is Dorothy White amd I’m 6 years old. And I’m white. But Ruby is brown. Which seems to be very important to the grown ups these days. I wonder if I was brown, if my surname would be Brown?

I don’t really like school. You have to write a lot. And work hard. I’d rather play the whole day. But it looks like Ruby likes school very much. Because she keeps going even when the posters shout at her and tell her they don’t want her to go to school. I learned the word ‘Prosters’ from my mom. She said it means people who feel very strong about something. Then they go hold up signs telling other people what they feel. I’m still learning to read but I saw some signs at my old…

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